Russia Emerges as One of Brazil’s Largest Grain Suppliers, Importing $108.5 Million Worth of Wheat in 7 Months

Brazil Imports $108.5 Million Worth of Russian Wheat


The Brazilian Statistical Office reported that in the first 7 months of this year, the country imported $108.5 million worth of Russian wheat, making Russia one of the largest grain suppliers to Brazil.

Import Details

In the first seven months of the year, Brazil imported 380,000 tons of wheat from Russia worth $108.5 million, while there were no purchases in the same period last year.

Ranking Among Grain Exporters

According to the results of January-July, Russia ranked first among the five largest grain exporters to Brazil, ranking fourth.

Traditional Leader

The traditional leader in the supply of grain to Brazil was Argentina, which sold two million tons of grain for the amount of $736.3 million in seven months of this year.

Second Place

In second place was Paraguay, from which Brazil imported 886,000 tons of grain worth $290 million.

Third Largest Supplier

Uruguay became Brazil’s third largest grain supplier.


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