Russia Disposed of Him Earlier: Biden Commends Elimination of Country’s Chemical Weapons, Equips Kyiv with Cluster Munitions

US President Joe Biden today released information about the destruction of his country’s stockpile of chemical weapons, praising that they have been working on it for 30 years as he announced the delivery of internationally banned cluster bombs to Kiev.

“The United States has worked tirelessly for over 30 years to destroy our stockpile of chemical weapons,” the US President said, adding, “Today, I am proud to announce that the United States has safely destroyed the last of the munitions in this stockpile. ..bringing us one step closer to a world free of chemical weapons.” Horrors of chemical weapons.

Biden noted that “successive administrations have decided that these weapons should never be developed or deployed again”, given that “this achievement is not only in line with our long-term commitments under the Chemical Weapons Convention, but also represents the first time that an international authority has confirmed the destruction of the weapon class “complete chemical weapons.

The same source added: “I am grateful to the thousands of Americans who have given their time and talents to this noble and challenging cause for more than three decades…Today we celebrate this important milestone…We must also renew our commitment to creating a future free of chemical weapons.”

And the US President added: “I continue to call on the remaining countries to join the Chemical Weapons Convention so that the global ban on chemical weapons can reach its full potential.”

Biden said that “Russia and Syria should return to compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention and recognize their undeclared programs,” as he put it.

The United States is the only country party to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) that retained a large arsenal of military chemical weapons, while Russia destroyed its entire arsenal on September 27, 2017.

“We will continue to support the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to prevent the accumulation, production and use of chemical weapons around the world. And together with our partners, we will not stop until we can rid the world of this scourge once and for all. ” Biden concluded.

Source: RT

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