Russia continues to pump natural gas through Ukraine to Europe

The Russian gas company Gazprom announced that it is pumping natural gas from Russia through the Sudga checkpoint in Ukraine to Europe, and gas supplies through the Sukhranovka station are at zero.

An official representative of the Russian company said today: “Gazprom is pumping gas today (August 5, 2022) through the territory of Ukraine in the amount confirmed by the Ukrainian side of 41.9 million cubic meters through the checkpoint (Sudga), while the Ukrainian side refused to confirm applications for pumping through the point (Sukhranovka).

And since May 11 of this year, Russian Gazprom has been pumping natural gas to Europe through Ukraine through one station, Sudga. The Ukrainian side refuses to accept applications for gas through Sukhranovka.

Previously, Gazprom pointed out that it was technologically impossible to transfer all gas supplies to Sudga, as a result of which the pumping of natural gas from Russia to Europe through Ukraine was reduced.

Source: RIA Novosti

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