Russia and Venezuela Collaborate on Innovative Financial Network Beyond SWIFT

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Ivan Gil Pinto said that Russia and Venezuela have made progress in developing a financial system that goes beyond SWIFT, and they are also implementing the Russian Mir payment system within their country.

“We are seeing progress in the financial information exchange system, which is good news for Venezuelan agricultural producers in terms of regulating food exports and imports,” the minister said during a joint briefing with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

He added: “The system being created is an alternative to the international SWIFT system. The central banks of Russia and Venezuela are working on this, as well as a Russian bank card (MIR), which will allow Russian tourists to pay in Venezuela directly, bypassing large international companies.”

According to the Venezuelan minister, after his meeting with Lavrov, Russia and Venezuela agreed to move forward in all areas of bilateral and international cooperation, “especially in the areas of energy, which are very important, finance, aviation, maritime transport and trade. “

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas on an official visit as part of a tour of Latin America from Brazil that began on Monday.

And the Russian Foreign Ministry previously reported that Lavrov was on a business trip to Latin America from April 17 to 21, during which he planned to visit Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

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