Russia and Venezuela circumvent Western economic sanctions

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faria said that Russia and Venezuela will continue to develop their economies despite Western sanctions against them.

This was revealed at a joint press conference between him and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, where the Venezuelan minister emphasized the importance of working on specific projects with Russian companies and continues to deepen this work, adding: “We hope that we can agree on ways assistance in overcoming existing obstacles and solving problems” related to financing.

The Minister emphasized that “the circumstances in which we found ourselves due to the behavior of the American administration hindered the development of the oil industry in our country,” noting that this affected investment, financing, lending, the purchase of equipment and spare parts. .

Faria stressed that Russia had developed “a unique means of payment, in particular, which was used in work with China and India,” since the Venezuelan minister concluded that, despite the embargo, more and more countries of the world are interacting with Russia without fear of the consequences that he is threatened.

Source: Sputnik

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