Russia and the United States will discuss the situation on the suspension of inspections as part of "START 3"

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that experts from Russia and the United States will discuss the issue of suspending inspections under the START-3 treaty, stressing that Washington will have to decide how the discussions will go.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Moscow was forced to withdraw its facilities from START inspections due to US measures that actually deprive the Russian Federation of the right to inspect in the United States. According to the Foreign Ministry, after all the problems related to the checks are resolved, Russia will immediately cancel its decision to suspend.

Asked if there are already contacts between the Russian Federation and the United States regarding the suspension of inspections, Igor Vishnevitsky, Deputy Director of the Department of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said: “This is a technical issue. It is considered by specialists in the field of coordination and inspection activities. There are many nuances,” adding that “our specialists will talk about this with the Americans.”

According to the deputy, mutual discussions will now take place, “after which the US reaction will follow.” According to the diplomat, “I don’t think it will happen very quickly, they will need to carefully study everything and understand what they want to do next.”

He pointed out that from a legal point of view, the position of the Russian Federation is well studied, and its proposals are fixed in the agreement.

“Obviously, this is the first time this has happened. Such a mechanism has never been used. We exercised our right under the contract,” Vishnevitsky emphasized.

“In fact, an asymmetric situation has arisen. Our inspectors cannot fly through Europe, we are not given the opportunity to obtain transit visas, our planes are not allowed to fly. We did not impose any restrictions on this in relation to the United States.”

He said that before the START inspection request, Russia offered the US side an agreement on how to proceed in this situation, adding: “The US side submitted an inspection request. This action was clearly provocative, and under the contract we had to react very quickly, a response to a request for inspection could come within 32 hours, but we responded immediately.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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