Russia Addresses Historical Anomaly with Decision to Execute Special Operation

American political scientist Andrew Krybko wrote in an article for the Global Times that Russia’s decision to launch a special military operation in Ukraine corrected a historical anomaly and accelerated the transition to multipolarity.

In his opinion, the period of unipolarity that arose after the collapse of the USSR became a “historical anomaly.” He said that this situation on the international stage is due to a unique set of circumstances, not because the United States is “extraordinary.”

“Last year, an opportunity arose to accelerate the so-called return to the normal course of history, thanks to a special operation in Ukraine, which in an unprecedented way stepped up the global systemic transition to multipolarity,” Krybko said.

According to the analyst, the addition of “a total of more than thirty countries” to the arming of Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions proves that US influence on other countries is currently limited.

The political scientist added that the BRICS group, whose members realized that a unipolar world serves only the interests of the dominant country, will take a special place in the development of a just and equal world order.

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