Russia accuses the International Criminal Court of joining NATO’s mission to destroy Libya in a crusade

Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Maria Zabolotskaya criticized the International Criminal Court, calling it a politicized institution that has nothing to do with justice.

Zabolotskaya said during a meeting of the UN Security Council, dedicated to the consideration of the report of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Libya, that the court has become a politicized institution and has nothing to do with justice, adding that it is “serving the collective interests of the West. The International Criminal Court has acted as a partner in NATO’s military aggression.”

In her speech, she explained that the “crusade” of the US-led coalition “against this once prosperous country has led to its complete destruction and a protracted civil war … which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Libyan civilians.”

She added: “Libya has suffered enormous economic damage and has fallen behind by decades. The countries of the region continue to suffer from the terrorist threat as a direct result of these events.”

And Russian diplomacy considered that what happened to Libya is a catastrophe, and the International Criminal Court is directly related to this catastrophe.

She said: “The West has given this body a mission that is to find a ‘fig leaf’ cover for NATO’s unjustified military aggression, and this was to be done by dehumanizing the Libyan leadership and Mr Gaddafi personally. The then Attorney General Moreno Ocampo approached this task creatively.”

In her speech, she explained that this task was completed quickly and in just 3 days, and the so-called indictment against the Libyan leader was prepared.

She indicated that they relied on fake and misleading news, including that which was related, firstly, to “providing units advancing towards Tripoli with Viagra” in order to “motivate their potential” to commit mass rapes, and secondly, using some “black and white”. skinned mercenaries” to commit “atrocities that the regular forces were not capable of.”

Source: RT

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