RT reveals the details of the construction of the first Russian plant of this type in Egypt

Russia is preparing to set up a huge factory in Egypt, in the Abu Zaabal workshop area, in the largest deal of its kind in Egyptian history.

Dr. Abdullah Abu Khadra, professor of road and transport engineering, confirmed to RT that Egypt and Russia have signed the largest contract in the history of Egyptian railways, as Russia prepares to establish a huge plant in Egypt, in the Abu Zaabal Workshop District, as part of the largest deal of such clan in the history of Egypt.

Abu Khadra indicated that this contract also aims to establish new workshops in Abu Zaabal in cooperation with Transmash, which will prepare its own projects with the supply of the necessary equipment for the new workshop to carry out repair work in it, as well as the supply of spare parts for a period of 12 years for each machine, starting from the date of operation of the plant, as well as the provision of technical support for 12 years by 20 specialists of Transmash Holding.

He noted that this is in addition to the basic umrah training that takes place after driving the car for 18 years, with the aim of imparting experience to Egyptian workers, allowing them to carry out all types of major repairs and necessary maintenance. at the local level at rates from 20% for spare parts to 60% in order to localize the production of spare parts.

He continued: “It was agreed with Transmash that the establishment of this workshop and cooperation in the field of production of spare parts at the local level will be a strong and important starting point for the establishment of a joint plant in Abu Zaabal to localize the production of railway cars to meet the needs. needs of the local market and then start exporting to other countries, especially since Egypt is a beating heart.” For Africa, the Middle East, Arab and African countries, and that with the localization of industry in Egypt, there will be an industrial base to run wagons for these countries, especially given the availability of skilled Egyptian labor, the availability of raw materials and the promising investment climate in Egypt.

Professor of Roads and Transport Engineering Abdullah Abu Khadra noted that the development of railways is based on several elements, namely moving units (bogies and tractors), on railways (rails, stations and sliders), in addition to upgrading signaling systems and fully automated traffic management to improve safety and safety factors, as well as comprehensive development for workshops and equipping them with all modern equipment, as well as training and education of the human factor.

He noted that this deal is not the first, since relations between Egypt and Russia have been going on for a long time, for example, in October 2015, the Egyptian Minister of Transport met with the Russian Ambassador in Cairo, and the delegation of the Russian company (Trans Mash Holding) to discuss ways of cooperation more than 40 delegations of Russian companies, representing more than 70, visited Egypt between January and August 2018. Russian companies will sign agreements with Cairo, where a deal was concluded for the supply of 1,300 new vehicles for passengers , which was signed between the Department of Railways and the Russian company Transmash. air-conditioned carriages (500 air-conditioned third-class carriages, a new service offered to passengers for the first time in the history of Egyptian railways, 180 second-class carriages, 90 first-class carriages and 30 air-conditioned buffets). wagons) and 500 wagons of the 3rd class with dynamic ventilation.
Source: RT

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