RT camera monitors the aftermath of the Ukrainian bombing of Donetsk at dawn today

Our correspondent in Donetsk Maxim Al-Turi confirmed that Ukrainian artillery shells fell in the center of Donetsk at dawn today, Saturday, in one of more than 50 cases of shelling on the territory of the republic over the past day.

During a tour of the streets of the city, our correspondent recorded the consequences of a shell fall in a public park, where many fragments were found not far from the site of the explosion.

According to the headquarters of the Donetsk Regional Defense Forces, at least eight people were injured as a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces throughout the republic, including two injured as a result of the explosion of the internationally banned Libestok mine. .

Authorities indicated that since Friday morning, Ukrainian forces have bombed Donetsk territory 54 times, using 309 shells, damaging 49 residential buildings, as well as nine civilian infrastructure facilities across the republic.

Source: RT + News

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