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The British newspaper Daily Mail has revealed the residence of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in the first month of his stay in Saudi Arabia and its cost until the house is ready, in which he will live in the remaining time at the Al-Nasr club.

Al-Nasr club recently signed the Ronaldo legend for a two and a half year contract extended until the summer of 2025, with an annual salary of £173m (around €200m).

And the Daily Mail newspaper said in a report that Ronaldo will be living in a royal suite at the Four Seasons International Hotel, in the Royal Tower in the capital Riyadh, which consists of two floors and contains 17 rooms for him and his family.

The Royal Suite is valued at a quarter of a million pounds over a month-long period, a large value added to the value of his historic contract deal of around half a billion euros during the contract period. .

The Kingdom Tower is said to be one of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia, at about 300 meters long and with 99 floors, its construction dates back to 1990, and the suite in the name of the don was reserved for a month.

According to the hotel, the Royal Suite offers breathtaking views of the capital Riyadh. the size of any house Ronaldo lived in in Manchester during his two spells with the team.

Kingdom Tower

The Royal Suite at The Four Seasons offers Ronaldo and his companions the opportunity to sample cuisines from all over the world, including Chinese, Japanese and Indian cuisine served fresh on request.

Ronaldo was seen thanking the hotel staff as he entered and exited, and they asked him to take a few selfies.

Yesterday, Saturday, Ronaldo visited a Japanese restaurant called “Miyazo” and took a series of pictures with visitors and employees of the restaurant.

Significantly, reports indicated Ronaldo’s intention to buy a £15 million palace in Riyadh’s Al-Muhammadiyya district to settle in for a period of world representation.

Ronaldo is expected to appear in his first match with Al Nasr on January 22 against Al Ettifak in the Saudi Arabian League after the end of a two-match ban he is undergoing for breaking the phone of an Everton fan while he was representing Manchester United last season.

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