"Rostec"We develop weapons systems with 100% accuracy in hitting targets

The Russian company Rostec announced at the IDEX 2023 international exhibition that, based on the nature of modern hostilities, the company’s specialists are focused on the development of weapons systems with an accuracy of hitting targets up to 100%.

A representative of the state-owned company said: “In the conditions of modern warfare, the range and accuracy of weapons are of paramount importance, and we are moving towards the creation of systems with close to 100% accuracy of hitting targets, that is, providing absolute destruction of targets.”

According to him, the work of Rostec institutes is aimed at providing the army with promising models of weapons and military and special equipment. Among the priorities are electronic warfare equipment, drones, other robots, armored vehicles, new generation aviation, communications, intelligence and control systems, high-precision weapons and means of dealing with them.

The representative of Rostec also said that the state-owned company is developing a technology for connecting any military equipment to drones.

He added: “In particular, we are working on improving technologies that allow us to attach equipment to drones, in fact any equipment – sea, land or air, fighter, helicopter, tank, infantry fighting vehicle, rocket launchers and so on. .” “.

According to a representative of the state corporation, today Rostec is rapidly producing everything that is widely used in the field of special military operations, guns, rocket artillery, armored vehicles of various classes, attack and transport helicopters. , attack aircraft, combat aircraft, heavy flamethrower systems, small arms, ammunition and much more. At the same time, the company’s enterprises work in several shifts.

He added: “The first shift starts assembling the tanks at 8am and finishes at 8pm, after which it is the turn of the second shift, which lasts from 8pm to 8am the next day.

And so every day, that is, tank assembly operations do not stop for a single minute, and in conclusion he said: “High-precision systems”, which are supplied with infantry fighting vehicles and other military equipment, work in the same rhythm.

The International Arms Exhibition IDEX 2023 will be held in Abu Dhabi from February 20 to 24, and the joint Russian exhibition is located in a separate pavilion, where the leading companies of the Russian military-industrial complex present more than 200 complete samples. weapons, military equipment, ammunition and equipment.

Source: TASS

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