"Rosatom" Russia: There is no alternative to freight traffic between Europe and Asia than this sea route

Alexei Likhachev, CEO of the Russian company Rosatom, ruled out that the current geopolitical situation will affect the significance of the Northern Sea Route as an important transport artery of the world.

The Russian official emphasized that there is no alternative to shipping between Europe and Asia for this shipping route, and said on the sidelines of his participation in the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok today, Tuesday: “Opinions indicating that international events starting after February of this year will reduce the role of the Northern navigation route.

“We are seeing a slight decline in international traffic, but traffic in Russia is growing at a faster pace. Transportation along the Northern Shipping Corridor is growing by about 5% -5.5% this year,” Likhachev added.

“We hope that by the end of the year we will exceed 36 million tons (transportation along the Northern Shipping Corridor), a result that will be achieved faster than what is laid down in our plans and tasks set by the president and government,” Likhachev added.

Rosatom is responsible for developing the transport infrastructure of the Northern Sea Corridor, a corridor that runs through the Arctic and connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Arctic. Russia is working very carefully on the development of this sea corridor.

Moscow plans to use this corridor to export oil and gas to foreign markets, especially since most of this pipeline is practically ice-free. In the future, the Northern Sea Corridor is expected to become the main trade route for goods transported between Europe and Asia.

Source: RT

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