Ronaldo’s new disappointment at the summer Mercato

Italian transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is rejecting the idea of ​​his team signing Cristiano Ronaldo this summer.

A reliable journalist wrote on his Twitter account: “Thomas Tuchel does not want to include Cristiano Ronaldo in the Blues. There have been talks between Ronaldo’s agent and the Chelsea management but the final decision rests with Tuchel.”

Romano indicated that Tuchel had told Chelsea club president Todd Boly that strengthening his side’s defensive line was a priority for him and he was not interested in signing Ronaldo from Manchester United.

Chelsea became the second team to refuse to include Ronaldo after earlier reports surfaced that the Portuguese star offered his services to Paris Saint-Germain, who refused to sign him.

Ronaldo did not travel with the Manchester United delegation for a pre-season tour of Thailand and Australia after taking time off to finish some family business and it is unclear when he will return to the squad.

But press reports pointed to the 37-year-old striker, whose contract with United expires in 2023, is keen to keep the club out of the Champions League next season after a disappointing sixth-place season in the local league.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been reported to have moved to several clubs this summer, including Chelsea, in light of the latter’s desire to expand its attacking potential following the departure of Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan on loan.

Source: Fabrizio Romano.

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