Ronaldo mocked in Liverpool. Our airport gives you the fastest departure from Manchester

The people in charge of Liverpool Airport’s official Twitter account took advantage of the news that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United to sarcastically advertise his airport from the Don.

And press reports have claimed that in the past few days, Ronaldo has submitted a request to his club Manchester United to be allowed to leave Old Trafford during this summer’s Mercato.

And the Liverpool Airport account tweeted a ‘tweet’ saying: ‘Are you excited to get out of Manchester but want to avoid the lines?’

“We are delighted to invite Cristiano to experience the fastest, easiest and friendliest airport in the Northwest,” he added.

“Here you can go to Munich, Lisbon or Lufthansa, or fly straight to Paris or Rome.”

Here the question arises of how Ronaldo will react, and, perhaps most importantly, instead of sarcasm, Liverpool should think about a contract with the Portuguese star, because the Madeira Rocket can help the Reds win both the Champions League and other championships. . . .

Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, is associated with several European clubs, most notably Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Roma, as well as his parent club Sporting CP in Lisbon, Portugal.

Source: agencies

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