Ronaldo makes concessions to leave Manchester United

It looks like Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United striker, is determined to leave his squad for a new club this summer and won’t be waiting for more.

CBS Sport journalist Ben Jacos reported that Jorge Mendez, Ronaldo’s agent, had told clubs that Ronaldo was willing to take up to 30% of his salary.

Mendez told Atlético Madrid that the club was not in the financial position to sign Ronaldo and Real Madrid had no desire to return the Portuguese.

The journalist pointed out that Cristiano’s agent offered him to Barcelona before the club signed the Pole Robert Lewandowski, stressing that there is no team close to signing the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the same context, sources close to Ronaldo have said that he is not only interested in participating in the Champions League, but also wants to move to a club where he feels the burden of running the team does not fall on him alone, but on him. wants to feel more support.

Ronaldo wants to find a team that will join him only one season after his return to the theater of dreams, where the Portuguese striker told Manchester United management that he did not want to continue with the team after failing to qualify for the Champions League. although he has a contract that ends next summer 2023 due to his desire to challenge for the Champions League title.

Source: “Agency”

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