Ronaldo keeps throwing "rockets" to Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo admitted he was close to signing for Manchester City in the summer of 2021 before his former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson stepped in to change his mind and convinced him to return to United.

It was in the first part of the full interview that Ronaldo gave to the famous British journalist Piers Morgan, which was broadcast on Wednesday evening.

Ronaldo said of his contact with Manchester City: “Well, to be honest, it was close. They talked a lot and[Manchester City manager]Guardiola said they tried really hard to get me in, but you know, given my history at Manchester United. , and how the heart feels, and that you’ve been there before (at Manchester United), it matters. And, of course, Sir Alex Ferguson too.”

He added: “So I was surprised. But it was equally a conscious decision, because at that moment the heart speaks and speaks out loud.”

Ronaldo continued on Ferguson’s role in determining his destination: “I think he was the key to success. That was the difference at that moment. I can’t be sincere if I did. … But I think I made a (conscious decision).” “I have never regretted it. As I said, Sir Alex Ferguson was the key.”

And he added: “Yes, I did. I spoke to him. He told me: it’s impossible to go to Manchester City, and I told him:“ All right, president. So, I made decisions and I repeat them with confidence and with a conscience that it was a good decision.”

How did he meet Manchester United on his return?

Ronaldo answered this question by saying: “Honestly, when I signed with Manchester United, I thought everything had changed because 13 years had passed, I had been at Real Madrid for nine years, three years at Juventus. , and when I came back I thought things would be different, you know the technology.” Infrastructure and all.

“But I was surprised, in a bad way, let’s say, because I saw that everything was the way I left it.”

And he continued: “It was not Manchester. At that moment, as I mentioned, Solskjaer was fired, and Michael Carrick took the position for two matches against Villarreal and Chelsea, and everything was very fast, but the instability at the club was surprising. I have a lot.”

He continued, “No, in my opinion, time stopped them, which surprised me a lot.”

And he added: “I was surprised because that year the club signed me, Sancho and Varane, and I thought that everything would be as it should be in Manchester.”

And he continued: “At United, in my opinion, progress has been zero, compared to Real Madrid and even Juventus, they follow the rest of the world, so the technology surprised me, especially in terms of training, nutrition, conditions for the right nutrition and recovering better than before, Manchester is now compared to this Club, I think lagging behind, in my opinion, which surprised me. A club of this size should be at the top of the tree in my opinion, which unfortunately they are not. They are not at that level, but I hope that in the coming years they will be able to reach a high level.

He concluded by saying: “I don’t know what’s going on but since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson (2013) I haven’t seen any development at the club, zero progress.”

Appointment of Ranknik

Morgan directed his conversation to Ronaldo about his former Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick, saying: “It was a ridiculous decision, wasn’t it?” The player replied: “Of course, if you are not a manager, how do you become president of Manchester United.”

When Morgan asked him if he had known Rangnick before, he replied, “Of course not, and the people I talked to didn’t know him.”

But Ronaldo made it clear that his professionalism required him to respect the coach, and said: “We have to communicate because he took the job no matter what. All the coaches that I had in my career, I call the president, because if he takes the job, we have to communicate in this way.. But in the end, deep down, I never saw him (Rangnick) as president, because I saw some points that I never agreed with … This It was a difficult moment.”

First match after returning to Dream Theater

The Portuguese also spoke about his feelings in the first match after returning to Manchester United, saying: “Well, the feeling was great, but not only on the day of the match, I felt for a week before that everything had changed, everyone was talking about me I’ve come home where I belong.”

He added: “So it was a special moment to be back at Manchester United and play in front of our fans and of course scoring two goals was the best welcome I’ve had at Old Trafford, it was an unforgettable and incredible day.” .

And he added: “Yes, and the public welcomes, long live Ronaldo, the fans are everything to me.”

Break records

And when asked if he was pleased that his shirt sales in the first 24 hours after returning to Manchester United set a record more than any other player, including Lionel Messi, he replied: “Of course he was, as you know I don’t follow the entries because they follow me and this is another entry in my book.”

His best teammate at Manchester United.

Ronaldo paid tribute to his Manchester United teammate and compatriot Diogo Dalot, saying: “It’s a difficult question that I can only see with my own eyes. At Manchester United, I can mention Dalot, he’s young but he’s very professional, but I I have no doubt that he will have a long life in football, because he is a smart guy, he is insightful, he is very professional, maybe also Martinez, and Casemiro is already over 30, but I would say Dalot.

His advice to young players

“I am not one of those who like to give advice,” said the Portuguese, “because I prefer to set an example.”

He added: “Because I’m an example, I go there every morning and do the same thing, I’m probably the first one in and the last one out. I think the details speak for themselves. That’s why I say, I would like to set an example. There are people who follow me, but not too much. They don’t care, “Some would do it, but many won’t. But, in my opinion, they will not have a long career. a generation played at 36 and 37, but these don’t.”

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