Ronaldo influences the coffers of Saudi League clubs

Saudi League clubs have begun offering tickets to their matches against Al-Nasr at unprecedented prices in order to increase their financial resources and benefit from Cristiano Ronaldo’s participation with Al-Alami in these matches.

For Al-Nasr matches outside the stadium comes an unprecedented turnout, the desire of Saudi fans to see Ronaldo on the field, which does not often happen with these teams.

And Saudi club Al Wehda announced on Sunday that tickets for its match against Al Nasr, due to take place next Thursday in Mecca Al Mukarrama, will be offered in the Saudi Roshan League’s matchday 16.

The price for a standard class ticket was 75 rials ($20), premium class 450 rials ($120), and platforms 1,000 rials ($267).

The ticketing process has witnessed an unprecedented turnout as tickets for matches tend to run out within hours of their launch.

More than 5,000 tickets have been sold, according to Makani’s website, and the number is constantly increasing, given that the official capacity of Al-Sharia Stadium in Mecca is 38,000.

Al-Fateh Club also offered tickets for the match against Al-Nasr last Friday in the two-team match at the 14th stage of the competition at the price of 100, 150 and 1000 rials.

The number of visitors at the Al Fateh Stadium has reached 17,631 spectators, and the official capacity of the Al Fateh Stadium in Al Ahsa is 19,055 spectators.

Source: “Wakalat”

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