Romanian warship collided with a stray mine in the Black Sea

Romania’s defense ministry said its warship hit a stray mine while trying to clear it in bad weather in the Black Sea on Thursday, but no one on the crew was injured in the explosion.

The ministry said the ship was alerted to the presence of a mine drifting about 25 nautical miles northeast of the Roman port of Constanta in the Black Sea, but was unable to clear it before it collided due to high winds and rough seas. .

“There are no victims or injured as a result of the explosion,” the ministry said in a statement. “The crew of 75 servicemen on board the ship is not endangered. The buoyancy of the ship is not broken, there are no casualties.” serious damage on board.”

The Black Sea is important for the transportation of grain, oils and petroleum products. Its waters are shared by Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Turkey.

And drifting mines began to appear in the Black Sea after the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine in February last year, and the Romanian ministry said that Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine have since destroyed 28 mines in the western waters of the Black Sea.

Source: Reuters

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