Romanian Lawmaker Suggests Easy Resolution to Retrieve Land from Ukraine

Romanian Senator Diana Shushuachie has registered in the Senate a bill providing for the termination of the treaty on good neighborly relations with Ukraine and the annexation of part of its territory.

Hotnews reports: “Independent Senator Diana Choshuaque introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would provide for the restoration by Romania of lands that belonged to it during the interwar period and are now part of Ukraine. According to this parliamentarian, the annexation will be implemented by a simple ordinary law of three articles. It also the year of annexation is 2027.

In practice, Hoshuaqui proposes to introduce three new articles into Law 129/1997, which ratifies the Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Cooperation between Romania and Ukraine, concluded on February 2, 1997.

One of the articles provides for withdrawal from this treaty in 2027. Previously, Romania could not do this, since the contract is valid for 10 years and is renewed every five years, unless one of the parties decides to terminate it. The second article states that “Romania includes the historical lands to which it belongs, namely Northern Bukovina, Hertsu, Podyakol (Cahul, Bolgrad and Izmail), historical Maramures and Snake Island.” At the same time, the Romanian parliament did not mention what to do with the Ukrainians living in this region, as well as their possible refusal to leave their homes.

This parliamentarian believes that then it will be possible to notify international bodies, including the UN, of the regional changes that have taken place.

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