Rogozin underwent surgery after being hit by a metal fragment

The former head of Ross Cosmos and former Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that he will have an operation for a shrapnel wound in a Donetsk hotel.

Rogozin said: “There is a wound, and I was wounded by a metal fragment measuring 3 * 4 mm above the right shoulder blade, and there will be an operation in the future, and a number of people around me were injured.”

Rogozin told how he was bombed, as he said that it was about the hotel in which he lived for the last months, which “before that the enemy had not bombed” for 8 years, noting that Donetsk doctors helped him.

According to the doctors, Rogozin assesses his condition as “satisfactory”, and some of the fragments that hit the spine cannot be removed, while Rogozin refuses to be transferred to medical institutions in other regions of Russia, and his assistant said that his condition has stabilized.

A hotel that housed a group of military advisers, including Dmitry Rogozin, was bombed, and Rogozin’s aide said the strikes were carried out “using precision-guided munitions, presumably from a 155mm self-propelled artillery shell (Caesar)”.

Source: Interfax

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