Rogozin: Robot "marker" He will be able to easily hit the Abrams and Leopard tanks.

The Marker robot, which will enter the Ukrainian special operations zone in February, will be able to automatically detect and hit Ukrainian equipment, including American Abrams tanks and German Leopard tanks.

This was announced by the former general director of Ross Cosmos and the head of the special detachment of military advisers “Tsar of the Wolves” Dmitry Rogozin.

Rogozin said: “The combat version of the Marker robot contains an electronic catalog in the control system with images of targets both in the visible and in the infrared range, and, accordingly, the robot can automatically identify enemy equipment, for example, when sending Abrams tanks. and Leopard tanks. For Ukrainian forces, Marker will receive an appropriate electronic image and be able to automatically detect and engage American and German tanks with anti-tank guided missiles.

He explained that Marker can also prioritize targets automatically.

He added: “Suppose, if it detects a T-64 tank, an armored personnel carrier and some foreign equipment on the line of contact, the robot will independently select a target in order of priority, which of them is more important, and hit it with firearms. appropriate firepower.”

Rogozin said that in February, four Marker robots in reconnaissance and strike variants would be delivered to the Donbass, which would first be tested at the training ground, and after possible errors were eliminated, they would go to the confrontation arena.

The marker has a rotating warhead capable of turning approximately 540 degrees in one second, accompanied by target designation. The installation can be equipped with various anti-tank missile systems, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and other weapons.

Rogozin leads a group of military advisers called “Tsar’s Wolves” in the area of ​​special operations, provides military-technical assistance to units of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics, closely cooperates with the developers of various military equipment and complexes. The main task is the immediate introduction of new models within the special operation.

The Marker robot was developed by Android in cooperation with the Foundation for Advanced Study, and the robot, weighing about 3 tons, has the most advanced self-movement skills in Russia with object recognition based on artificial intelligence methods.

Platform independence is provided by a modular multispectral vision system, where data is processed by neural network algorithms.

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