"rocket prices"German Economy Minister Blames US "manipulate" gas prices

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has accused the US and EU of driving up gas prices in the market, and the official said that friendly countries often play against Berlin in the hydrocarbon market.

The newspaper Die Welt quotes the German minister: “Some countries, including friendly countries, are looking forward to rocket prices (for gas), of course, such prices are associated with problems that need to be discussed.. The United States has approached us (knocks on our door) “When the price of oil went up, as national reserves were created in Europe (to bring down the price of oil), I think that such solidarity would also be useful in keeping gas prices down.”

The German minister called on Washington and Brussels to cooperate to reduce gas prices in the markets, and also called on Brussels to control European countries and activate the necessary market mechanisms to prevent fuel prices from rising in the European Union.

The Minister stressed that the EU must consolidate its power in the energy market in order to ensure “reasonable and synchronous purchasing behavior of all EU countries.”

Due to their sanctions policy towards Russia, Western countries are facing a sharp increase in energy costs and high inflation rates, and with rising gas prices, European industry is facing serious problems, as it loses its competitiveness.

Source: RIA Novosti

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