Rocket Engine Production Receives $215 Million Contract from the Pentagon.

The Pentagon has signed a $215.6 million contract with Aerojet Rocketdyne to expand and modernize industrial capacity to increase production of engines for Javelin and Stinger missiles.

As part of the contract, the company’s production facilities in Alabama, Arkansas and Virginia will be modernized, which produce engines for rockets, including for air defense systems, space launch vehicles and satellites for defense and commercial purposes.

The above funds will be used to modernize production facilities, purchase equipment, create data processing systems, increase the production rate of Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, and GMLRS guided missiles.

The Pentagon said in a statement that funds for this purpose are allocated in accordance with the Additional Resources Monitoring Act for Ukraine, noting that the United States supplied Kiev with Javelin and Stinger complexes and GMLRS missiles, and it needs to be replenished. their stocks of these missiles.

Source: TASS

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