Rewritten: Egyptian Water Expert: Ethiopia’s Acknowledgement of Stopped Turbines Will Not Alter Reality

Dr. Abbas Sharqi, professor of geology and water resources expert, told RT that “Ethiopia’s admission that the turbines have stopped will not change the facts, as it is known that the daily operation or inactivity of the two turbines is known.”

The expert said: “The Ethiopian website’s statement and clarification is that two turbines have already stopped working for technical reasons, as Ethiopia claimed that the turbines are working and the electricity generated was connected to the Ethiopian grid and that it reaches Sudan and Kenya.. .if the turbines stopped for technical reasons related to the continuation. Really construction, so why did Ethiopia not declare it earlier, especially since this is a rationale that the Ethiopians can accept?

He added: “Ethiopia’s admission that the turbines have stopped will not change the facts that have been declared to be anything, as long as it is known for certain that the day-to-day operation or inactivity of the two turbines is known.”

And he added: “The first turbine was announced on February 20, 2022, although at the time of opening it was not working, but actually started working 3 weeks after the opening (March 10, 2022), and the second could not be operated until August 11, 2022, when 6 months and after a few days they stopped together.”

He drew attention to the fact that the operation or shutdown of turbines is not far or near Egypt, except that it is an unacceptable violation of the Declaration of Principles of the Renaissance Dam, previous agreements and international norms, and that their effect is almost negligible, even if the operation implies the passage of water and therefore it is in the interests of Egypt. Sudan, however, the amount of water that comes out of them is very weak, especially since they work intermittently for several hours on some days, and there is no objection to declaring as soon as any turbine is back in operation, and with satellite imagery.

He added that Egypt has said a lot that it is not against development in Ethiopia or any other country, as long as it does not harm others, and the construction of the Julius Nyerere Dam in Tanzania is evidence of this, and before it there are many projects such as as Owen Dam in Uganda, 1953

Source: RT

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