Residents of the liberated Artemovsk talk about their suffering from the actions of the people of Kiev

RT correspondent Roman Kosarev quoted residents of the liberated city of Artyomovsk in Donetsk as saying that fighters from Kyiv troops had for weeks forbidden them to leave their homes and shot anyone they saw on the street.

One of the women from the area said, “This is a group of bad guys. Actually, I can’t find an explanation for their brutal treatment of us. We couldn’t leave the house where we live for a whole month. and a half.. We would have been shot if we tried to get out.. The situation was terrible.. We had neither food nor water.. We went around the neighboring apartments, taking the rest of the water from the heaters to drink. We have nothing left to survive.”

Her husband continued: “Ukrainian soldiers shot me in the knees when I went out with the dog. I screamed and told them that I was a civilian… a civilian!” But they didn’t pay any attention to it.”

Source: RT

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