Republican Leaders Urge Biden to Provide Cluster Munitions to Kyiv Government

Four senior Republicans in the US Senate and House of Representatives sent a letter to President Joe Biden calling for the supply of cluster munitions to Ukraine.

“We are calling on you to immediately provide cluster munitions such as DPICM to the Ukrainian military,” Politico said on Tuesday, citing the letter.

Notably, the letter was signed by House Armed Services Committee Chairs Mike Rogers and Foreign Affairs Committee Chairs Michael McCall, as well as Senate members Roger Wicker and Jim Rish. .

And a German news agency reported at the end of February, citing representatives of several NATO countries, that in 2022 Ukraine for the first time asked the United States to supply it with banned cluster bombs and phosphorus munitions.

At the end of January, Estonian Defense Minister Hannu Pevkor announced that his country intends to transfer cluster munitions in the army’s arsenal to Kyiv.

Notably, cluster munitions cause severe damage to the civilian population, killing and injuring large numbers of them and causing long-term social and economic problems. Governments began negotiating a Convention on Cluster Munitions and adopted it in 2008. This treaty establishes in international humanitarian law a ban on the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of cluster munitions and requires States to take specific measures to ensure that these weapons do not cause future casualties.

Source: RT

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