Republican Deputies Call on Lawmakers to Reject Biden’s Request for New Assistance to Ukraine: Americans Deserve Transparency

Republican Deputies Call on Lawmakers to Reject Biden Administration’s Request for Aid to Ukraine


Two Republican deputies in the US Congress called on other lawmakers to reject the request of the administration of President Joe Biden for new assistance to Ukraine.

Concerns Raised by Republican Deputies

“Americans deserve to know where their money is going,” Sen. James Vance and Rep. Chip Roy said in a letter to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Both lawmakers note that statements by administration officials indicate that US support for Ukraine “has no fixed date, is not based on a clear strategy, and pursues a goal that has not yet been determined.”

Questions Posed by Congress Members

Two members of Congress propose asking the administration questions about the development of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the US strategy, and the administration’s plan to get out of this situation.

They stressed that Congress should not approve the Biden administration’s request for new aid to Ukraine without receiving responses.

The two lawmakers are demanding the administration answer questions before making new requests for more aid to Ukraine.

Republican Opposition to Biden’s Aid Request

Joe Biden has asked Congress for $24 billion in aid to Ukraine. A group of Republicans rejected this request and demanded that Biden withdraw it.


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