Report: UK rejects 9 out of 10 asylum claims

The Guardian newspaper reported that two years ago, the UK Home Office denied asylum to nine out of ten people who could freely remain in the country.

Figures published by a British newspaper in collaboration with the Oxford University Migration Observatory showed that in 2020, 3,632 people applied for asylum, but their applications were rejected, while 314 people were approved.

These figures show that up to 91% of those who refused asylum in the UK could stay in the country, compared to 1% in 2019 and 38% in 2013.

The data also showed a decrease in deportations and departures, which appears to be the result of a reduction in law enforcement by the Ministry of the Interior and increased use of hostile environment measures as a means of encouraging people without legal status to return home. There were 113 forced deportations in 2021, compared to 6,771 in 2010.

These figures showed that Home Secretary Priti Patel’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda failed to address fundamental problems in the asylum system, such as deportation.

Source: The Guardian

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