Report: Progressives in the Democratic Party are looking for an alternative to Biden

As US President Joe Biden prepares to run for a second term, a nascent movement has erupted to find a replacement as liberals and progressives in the Democratic Party are unhappy with the expected direction of his campaign.

The Hill reported that progressives are wondering how Biden will position himself in 2024 after seeing him move to the center and veer to the left during his term, noting that they received an encouraging key message from the address to Congress: more liberal firepower into the pipeline.

He noted that the idea of ​​left-wing Democrats recruiting and persuading them to run against an incumbent has always been considered out of the mainstream. But that hasn’t completely stopped some from specifically talking about Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, or Senator Sherrod Brown as options.

He said that became clearer when Biden took action on wishlist items, including writing an executive order to write off student loans and signing inflation control legislation that included key provisions in key areas such as climate change.

He stated that many progressives wish that “an alternative person who could pass the purity tests came earlier, during the Biden administration, to be now considered a reliable competitor. But most of them also admit that it just didn’t happen.”

Source: Hill

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