Report: One in four Israeli female border guards have been sexually harassed by soldiers and officers

The report found that one in four women serving in the Israel Prisons Authority (Israeli Police and Border Police) testified that they had been sexually assaulted one or more times, most of them by full-time soldiers.

This is stated in the State Comptroller’s report, which he released today, Monday, because after the case of female guards and numerous reports of sexual harassment of permanent soldiers in the Department of Homeland Security, this monitor conducted a series of interviews. , visited places of detention and examined data regarding the protection of female soldiers serving in these units.

The observer explained that as a result of meetings and conversations with 220 conscripts (male and female), three paths became apparent, namely: “annoying sexual treatment from the guards and a lack of support from a part of the senior level of the guards who are on permanent duty”. With security prisoners, as well as inappropriate and sexual expressions on the part of officers in relation to female military personnel undergoing compulsory service.

The report indicated that it was clear from the percentage of sexual assaults in the police, border guard and penitentiary service that one in four conscripts responded to the State Comptroller’s survey (161 out of 644 respondents), indicating that she was subjected during the service (24 months) to one or more sexual assaults. While the percentage of female conscripts in the penitentiary who answered that they had experienced sexual violence was the highest (38%), which means that four out of every ten female conscripts who answered the questionnaire, indicated that they had been subjected to one or more sexual assaults.

It also turned out that “about 70% of robbery attacks on conscripts were committed by a permanent serviceman or an officer.”

It was noted that “It is alarming that 70% of compulsory service soldiers who chose to report sexual harassment responded that the complaint was not addressed at all (26%) or insufficiently addressed (44%)). .

According to an Israeli army study, 33% of female military personnel on active duty indicated that they had been harassed one or more times since the start of their service.

Source: “i24”

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