report fbi arrests men near ferguson after allegedly buying explosives for protests

Police sources told CBS and Reuters on Friday night that two men in the St. Louis area were arrested on Thursday after they allegedly bought explosives to be used in protests over the killing of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.
Mosheh Oinounou of CBS said that the men were planning to use the explosives to make pipe bombs.

ABC News named the men Olajuwon Davis and Brandon Baldwin and said they were charged with lying on forms to buy handguns. A source who did not want to be named told the network that the men were charged to “take them out of the rotation” before a grand jury decided whether or not to indict Wilson, which was expected any day.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch said that the men were charged with lying to get guns in a federal indictment that was made public on Friday. A police source who didn’t want to be named told the newspaper that the men were members of the New Black Panther Party.

The Post-Dispatch says that as part of the investigation, the FBI searched two homes, one in St. Louis and one in St. Louis County. The raids led to the discovery that both men wanted to get illegal weapons to hurt police and the public, the paper said.

Law enforcement sources told Reuters that the suspects were brought before a federal judge on Friday.

After the grand jury decides whether or not to indict Wilson for killing Brown on August 9, there will likely be protests in Ferguson and all over the country. On Monday, Gov. Jay Nixon of Missouri declared a state of emergency and called up the National Guard to deal with upcoming protests. On Friday, about 100 FBI agents were sent to St. Louis to help keep the peace.

The FBI office in St. Louis did not answer The Huffington Post’s questions right away.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which keeps track of hate groups, says the New Black Panther Party “is a very racist and anti-Semitic group whose leaders have called for violence against white people, Jews, and police.

” The law center says that members of the separatist group “often hold armed protests against what they say is police brutality.”

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