Report: Assigning a Global Company for Implementation "Metro in Jeddah suspended" In Saudi Arabia

A team of 800 researchers is conducting fieldwork in all areas of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with the aim of compiling a package of information that will enable the international company that manages the cable car and transport bus project to implement it.

The Okaz newspaper stated that the information gathered by the field team formed from the Emirate of Mecca, Al Mukarram Region, Jeddah Municipality, the Jeddah Road Traffic Department and the company managing the project related to peak hours, as well as holidays, vacations and weekends. in addition to studying the number of cars that are used.

Okaz quoted members of the group that the information investigation aims to provide a new and extensive database for the company operating the suspended subway in Jeddah, as well as to encourage widespread use of the subway and buses to reach offices, schools and public facilities to reduce congestion. and noise. The investigation was also aimed at identifying exits from neighborhoods and their digital maps.

It was noted that the study also aims to explore the development and modernization of the transport model and tools needed to prepare a detailed integrated transport plan, develop future plans for the transport system and improve the quality of life as one of the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.

Today, Sunday, Jeddah Municipality announced that the surveys will continue for several months and will include counting and counting the traffic of the road network inside and outside the city of Jeddah to find out the volumes of traffic and its capacity. all parties, citizens and residents, cooperate with their representatives (Business Statistical Research Company) in conducting surveys and provide correct information to achieve the purpose of the survey.

Source: “Okaz”

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