Renaming 13 Russian-linked streets in the Ukrainian city of Ternopil

The Ternopil city council voted to rename 13 streets bearing the names of Russian and Soviet figures, the city council reported.

The city council’s message today, Monday, July 11, says: “An extraordinary session of the city council was held in Ternopil, at which the deputies supported the renaming of the streets that were originally part of the Russian or Soviet”, and, in particular, the name of the street. Alexander Pushkin Street was changed to “Defenders of Ukraine”, Mikhail Glinka to “Nikolay Leontovich”, Mikhail Lomonosov to “Kvitka Tsisik”, Yuri Gagarin to “Dispatcher Gavdida”, Leo Tolstoy to “Eugene Myshkovsky”.

In Ukraine, since May 2015, the Law “On Condemnation of the Communist and Nazi Regimes” has been in force, which prohibits the propaganda of Soviet symbols, provides for the renaming of cities and streets in the names of Soviet statesmen, and the Institute of National Memory published a list of 520 historical figures whose activities are subject to Law “On the Dismantling of Communism”, in connection with which their names should disappear from place names. This document caused a great resonance in society, but did not clearly indicate the boundaries of its application.

Source: RIA Novosti

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