Religions in Starfield: Exploring Beliefs in the Highly Anticipated Game from Bethesda

Religions in Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated game from Bethesda, is set to release on September 6 for Xbox Series and PC. As we approach the release date, Bethesda has been unveiling new information about the game, including its timeline. The story begins in 2050 with the first manned trip to Mars, and by 2100, humanity has successfully established a life in space. The game takes place in 2330, and it has been revealed that religions play a role in the Starfield universe.

Beliefs in the Starfield Universe

During a Q&A on Discord, it was confirmed that the game incorporates existing Earth religions alongside new ones. For example, the Sanctum Universum believes that God is physically hidden in the universe and has granted humans the ability to traverse gravitational fields in order to find Him. The Va’Ruum house explores Nordic mythology, while the Enlightened are portrayed as atheists. To learn more about these religions, you can watch the video provided at the top of this article.

Game Preload Date

The preload for Starfield begins today, August 17, on Xbox, and on August 30 on Steam. This means that players will be able to download the game ahead of its release to ensure they can start playing as soon as it becomes available.

Steam Deck: New Competitors and Price Drop

The handheld console market continues to expand, with the Steam Deck making headlines. Previously priced at around 420 euros, the Steam Deck has now dropped its price by 20% thanks to refurbished models. However, availability remains a concern, as the devices are currently out of stock. Despite this, the Steam Deck remains a popular choice for a wider range of gamers. Additionally, new competitors have emerged, with leaks suggesting the release of a Switch PC-like console called the LENOVO LEGION GO. These developments highlight the need for Microsoft to release a mobile-friendly version of Windows 11 to enhance gaming experiences on portable devices.

Tech Controversy: Linus Tech’s Practices Under Scrutiny

If you are familiar with Linus Tech, a YouTube channel with a massive following of 15.5 million subscribers and 6500 videos, you may be surprised to hear about recent controversies surrounding their practices. Gamers Nexus, a competing channel, released a 40-minute video that shed light on what they consider to be dishonest practices by Linus Tech. Allegations include misleading comparisons, suspicious partnerships with certain brands, and inaccurate product recommendations based on incompatible hardware. As a response to these criticisms, Linus Tech Tips released a 20-minute video to address the issue, temporarily suspending production and planning on an impartial external audit to examine their practices and methodologies. As of now, the channel is on standby until the audit is completed.


The release of Starfield, the price drop of the Steam Deck, and the controversies surrounding Linus Tech have all made waves in the tech and gaming communities. While gamers eagerly await the arrival of Starfield, discussions about handheld consoles and responsible tech content creation continue to shape the industry.

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