Referee Mahmoud Ashour’s first commentary on Al-Ahli vs Farko match crisis

Egyptian referee Mahmoud Ashour expressed dissatisfaction with the attack he received after the match between Al Ahly and his guest Farko, who brought them together last Wednesday in the 28th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

The decision by Mahmoud Ashour, who was in charge of VAR’s video technology application, to cancel Al Ahly’s penetration goal by South African Percy Taw for penetration has sparked widespread controversy in recent hours, prompting strong decisions following an urgent meeting of Al Ahly’s board of directors.

Ashur said in a ‘tweet’ which he posted on his personal Twitter account: “There is no power or strength except from God… while waiting for the publication of the Egyptian Football Association, which was done while applying the technique of infiltrating the Var room to clear up evidence whether it’s true or not. The goal is correct and I am ready to officially admit the mistake, and with a written report from the Federation, if I made a mistake in applying the technique of penetration through the “mouse” room, so that we are not accused of lying, and this is directed to all who seek truth and justice.

Source: agencies

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