Redfall: A Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Growth – Bethesda’s Unwavering Support and Learnings from Past Mistakes

Redfall: A Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Growth

Unlike Fallout 76, Redfall will not be abandoned by Bethesda following a disappointing launch. Bethesda’s Pete Hines assures players that, similar to the path taken by Fallout 76, Redfall will constantly evolve and improve.

Unwavering Support from Arkane Studios

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Pete Hines emphasized that Arkane Studios has no intentions of giving up on Redfall. The studio is committed to providing ongoing support for the game and ensuring that it reaches its full potential. Additionally, Redfall will become one of the sought-after offerings on the Xbox Game Pass, with players still enjoying the game even a decade from now.

Learnings from Past Mistakes

Hines pointed out that Bethesda is a company that does not abandon projects just because they stumble at the starting line. The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online encountered difficulties, but the team persevered, resulting in a tremendously popular game across all platforms. Similarly, Fallout 76 faced initial challenges but has since seen significant improvements. Redfall is no exception—the studio is determined to transform it into an excellent gaming experience.

Despite its less-than-ideal start, Redfall remains an intriguing game, and Bethesda will continue to invest effort in its development. The goal is to achieve a smooth 60 frames per second for optimal gameplay. With Bethesda’s commitment to the Xbox Game Pass, Redfall will remain accessible to players for years to come.

A Journey Towards an Enhanced Experience

The first patch for Redfall was released in June, addressing various issues, but the frame rate problem still remains unresolved. The timing of the next patch release remains uncertain, indicating that there is still a long road ahead in making Redfall an enticing game.

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