Realize the dream of Ronaldo. Portugal coach declares war on 2022 World Cup teams

Portugal coach Fernando Santos bluntly stated during the presentation of his country’s national team that the goal is to win the World Cup title, which will be held in Qatar between November 20 and December 18, 2022.

“I think I have selected the top 26 players of Portuguese nationality and we have the desire to win the World Cup,” Santos said in statements published by the Portuguese newspaper Abola.

He added: “We can win the World Cup in Qatar, the players think the same as me and there are no obstacles.”

He emphasized that his team was replenished with players of high ability, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, explaining that the goal is to achieve the title.

Santos concluded his statement by saying: “We have good memories of the World Cup and I think the best matches I have managed for Portugal were against Spain last season.”

The last draw, held in Russia in 2018, witnessed a fiery confrontation between Portugal and Spain in the group stage, which ended in a 3-3 draw, when Ronaldo managed to score three goals of his country’s “hat-trick”. .

Ronaldo is expected to take part in the World Cup for the last time this year, given his advanced age at the age of 37, entry into the tournament and the dream of winning the title for the first time, and his ambitions.

Portugal are in Group H which includes South Korea, Uruguay and Ghana.

Portugal will kick off their World Cup campaign in Qatar against Ghana on Thursday 24 November.

It is noteworthy that the Brazil of Europe team dropped out of the last draw of the Russia-2018 World Cup from their Uruguayan colleague, losing to him with a score of 2.

Source: agencies

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