Rape suspect ‘carries’ victim

UK POLICE have released a chilling vision of a young woman being carried across a road by a man accused of raping her.

West Midlands Police Detectives praised the young woman for releasing the grainy CCTV footage which shows her being taken across a Birmingham street after a night at the Walkabout Pub.

West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit detective constable Danette Calvey said people would “undoubtedly” judge the woman after watching the images but praised her decision.

“It must be remembered that this woman has been attacked and that she has displayed remarkable courage by allowing us to release the footage,” she said.

“She hopes that these new images may jog someone’s memory and that their call may make the difference to her attacker being caught or left to roam the streets.”

Police have also appealed to find a man named Kevin who is believed to have dwarfism and is thought to have been with the woman when she was carried off by the man in the video.

Source:: news.com.au

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