Ranking of Arab and Asian countries in the classification (FIFA)

The Iranian national team has retained the top spot in the ranking of Asian teams in the monthly FIFA rankings, a sign of the advancement of the Australian team and the decline of Saudi Arabia.

Iran topped the Asian teams rankings but fell two places globally from twenty-first to twenty-third with 1,559 points, followed by Japan in second in Asia and 24th in the world with 1,553 points, and South Korea in third. place at the continental level and 28th in the world with 1526 points.

The Australian team finished fourth in Asia and made a big leap in the world after qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, moving up 6 positions from 42 to 36 in the world with 1484 points, while the Qatar team finished fifth in the Asia and 49th in the world. world with 1441 points.

While Saudi Arabia has dropped 4 spots in the world rankings to 53rd, Al Akhdar are sixth in Asia with 1436 points.

Below is the ranking of the best Asian teams:

Source: “twitter/afcasiancup”

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