Raisi after meeting with Al-Kazemi from Riyadh: We are focusing on relations between the countries of the region and dialogue for regional solutions

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi stressed at a conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi after his arrival in Tehran from Riyadh the relations between the countries of the region and the dialogue to find regional solutions.

Raisi added: “We reaffirm with Iraq the need to maintain peace and stability in the region, and this is achieved through the cooperation of the leaders of the region and the foreign presence, which will not lead to a solution to the problems of the region.”

Raisi noted that Al-Kazemi’s visit to Tehran would be a turning point in the development of relations between the two countries.

He continued: “Our relationship with Iraq is a relationship with deep cultural and ideological roots, not an ordinary relationship, and the leadership of the two countries has a clear intention to develop relations in various fields. We have been on the side of Iraq in difficult days, and we will continue to develop and strengthen these relations.

Raisi made it clear that within the framework of the policy of strengthening relations with neighboring countries, we see the Iraqi people as the closest.

Raisi indicated that they discussed political and economic relations and the strengthening of trade and economic relations.

He added: “We discussed ways to connect the two countries through the railway in southern Iran, and we agreed to facilitate the process of trade exchange between the two countries along this route, and also agreed to facilitate banking and financial relations between the two countries. countries”.

Raisi stressed that the Iranian people are eager to visit the holy places in Iraq and the efforts of the Iraqi government to facilitate this visit by air and land routes.

Raisi also noted that an agreement was reached on additional amenities for visitors and the removal of problems that they have faced in recent years: “Part of these problems are related to the pandemic, and we are seeing an improvement in conditions in the countries of the region. in this respect.”

Regarding the Yemeni crisis, Raisi stressed the importance of resolving the Yemeni crisis, continuing the ceasefire, ending the siege and dialogue between the Yemeni parties to end the suffering of the Yemeni people.

Regarding Israel’s attempts to normalize relations with countries, he said that “the attempts of the Zionist entity to normalize its relations with some countries in the region will never bring it security.”

For his part, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi stressed that relations with Iran are very important, and the two countries share common interests in the interests of the two peoples: “We came to Tehran to discuss bilateral relations on various historical, cultural and religious aspects” .

He added: “We agreed to strengthen economic relations and outline the program for the fortieth visit … We used to increase visas at airports, and in recent weeks we have opened land borders to visitors in certain proportions.”

Regarding the security of the region, Al-Kazemi said: “We agreed to calm the situation in the region.”

“We agreed to support the truce in Yemen and maintain dialogue to end the war,” he added.

Regarding the threat to food security, Al-Kazemi confirmed that the two sides agreed on joint efforts to counter food security challenges due to the Ukrainian war.

Source: RT

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