quick divorce between "adidas" Algerian Federation

A split between the Algerian Football Federation and sportswear company Adidas is approaching after days of uproar over the design of a new jersey for the Algerian national team.

Jahid Zwiizef, President of the Algerian Football Federation, said in a statement to Algerian Radio today, Friday, that the Algerian Federation is on track to win a contract with a new international sportswear company on preferential terms compared to previous contracts.

Zvezdf did not disclose any information about the Algerian federation’s current contract with Adidas.

A new jersey recently designed by Adidas for the Algerian national team has sparked controversy after the Moroccan Ministry of Culture issued a court warning to Adidas to withdraw the Algerian team’s new jerseys. , claiming that his design was inspired by Moroccan zullidj inscriptions, which he considered a “cultural theft”.

While the German company sponsoring the Algerian national team confirms that the shirts are inspired by the ancient design of Mechouart Palace in the Algerian city of Tlemcen.

Zellij is a popular traditional production in Morocco of tiles decorated with colorful patterns and inscriptions, which are used to cover the floors and walls of houses, palaces and mosques.

Source: le360.ma + RT

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