Queen of Denmark may have surgery this month for back pain

The Royal Palace of Denmark announced Wednesday that Queen Margrethe II will have “major back surgery” later this month.

The royal family said in a statement that the 82-year-old queen will be hospitalized and undergo a “longer rehabilitation process”.

“For a long time, Her Majesty the Queen suffered from back pain, and recently the situation has worsened,” the message says.

The palace said Margaret, whose half-century reign makes her the longest-reigning queen on the throne, decided on February 22 after consulting doctors to have “major back surgery.”

He noted that many official events will either be postponed or canceled, or other members of the royal family will take care of them.

Prince Frederik is likely to take on these responsibilities as the widely popular eldest son of the Queen of Denmark, his wife Crown Princess Mary, as well as Margaret’s youngest son Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Mary, and the Queen’s sister Princess Benedict.

In the past few days, Margrethe has canceled all events, including the opening of an exhibition in Copenhagen.

Source: “AB”

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