Qatar’s ambassador to Germany receives a request to create a community "homosexuality"

Qatar’s ambassador to Germany was called on Monday to abolish the death penalty in his country for people accused of homosexuality during a human rights conference organized by the German Football Association.

In English, Memeyin Community Representative Dario Minden addressed Qatari Ambassador Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saud Al Thani, who is attending the conference in Frankfurt, two months before the State of Qatar will host the World Cup, directly. .

Addressing the ambassador, Minden said: “I am a man and I love men, please don’t be surprised, I have sex with other men, that’s normal. So please get used to it or stay away from football.”

He added that “the most important rule in football is that it’s for everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, it’s for everyone, boys, girls and everyone in between.”

“Therefore, abolish the death penalty, abolish all punishments related to sexual and gender identity, the rule that football is very important for everyone. We can’t let you break it, no matter how rich you are. football community, and, of course, hold a big tournament. But that’s how it is in sports, you have to accept the rules.”

The Qatari ambassador should have been given an opportunity to respond later, although his comments would have remained unpublished, according to the Associated Press, as only 90 minutes of the opening of the union conference were broadcast to the public and no journalists were invited to the event.

Before Minden spoke on Monday, Qatar’s ambassador complained to the federation that the human rights issue was a distraction from the tournament.

“We all care about human rights, but I would have more fun if I focused not on one topic, but on the enjoyment of football and the impact of football on people around the world,” he said.

Source: “Agency”

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