Qatari Al-Khelaifi attacks Barcelona: it is dangerous for football

Paris Saint-Germain club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has criticized heavily indebted clubs, referring to Barcelona.

This summer, Barcelona sold most of its assets and received a lot of funds in future debt, but the Catalan club was forced to do so in order to create a strong transfer market that would allow the team to fight for titles again.

“Some clubs have debts of 1.8 billion euros, this is unhealthy,” Nasser Al-Khelaifi said during a football development conference.

He added: “Thank God, what we are doing (in Paris Saint-Germain) is that there is no debt, but of course we have lost some money during the Corona virus period, but we have nothing to hide.”

He continued: “Other clubs have big debts and that’s a danger to football.”

Al-Khelaifi concluded his speech by saying: “We have to be careful and worry about this issue because this is a big danger that can destroy football and we need rules to protect clubs and protect football in Europe from disasters and from these debts. in these countries.” clubs.”

Notably, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain have been in a tense relationship since Brazilian Neymar left the Catalan side in 2017 and joined the Paris side after the latter paid a penalty clause in the Brazilian star’s contract (€222m). euros) to become the most expensive deal in football history.

Source: agencies

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