Qatar Energy Announces Joining the Zero Methane Emissions Initiative

State-owned Qatar Energy announced on Monday that it has joined a new industry initiative to reduce nearly all methane emissions from its operations by 2030.

And according to the Qatar News Agency (QNA): “The initiative takes a comprehensive approach to addressing methane emissions with the same seriousness the industry takes safety, and supports the implementation of the necessary regulations to combat methane emissions and calls on governments to include targets to reduce methane emissions into their climate strategies”.

QNA indicated that “Qatar Energy is the first to join the initiative outside of the current 12 founders, which are: Aramco, BP, Chevron, CNBC and Eni.” .

For his part, Engineer Saad bin Sherida Al Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy, President and CEO of Qatar Energy, said: “Qatar Energy is the first to join the initiative to achieve zero methane emissions outside of the founders, and this confirms the priorities and the State of Qatar’s commitment to the climate change agenda and its unwavering support for global efforts to reduce emissions, including methane emissions, this issue is also in line with Qatar’s recently announced energy strategy for sustainable development and follows other notable steps, including the signing of a guidance document to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of methane in the gas industry, joining the global methane commitment.

Bob Dudley, Chairman of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, which initiated the initiative, said: “We are proud to welcome Qatar Energy – one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies – in its methane abatement initiative. We believe eliminating methane emissions from the oil and gas industry is one of the best short-term ways to combat climate change, I encourage others to join this ambitious effort to eliminate the methane footprint of the oil and gas industry by 2030.”

It is worth noting that the Zero Methane Targets initiative was launched in March 2022 by the leaders of the companies participating in the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, under which all energy companies involved in the exploration, production and production of oil or natural gas can join as signatories without any or financial implications., other organizations seeking to have a positive impact on reducing methane emissions in the oil and gas industry can also join as support, while companies joining the initiative must agree to do what is necessary to achieve near-zero emissions methane in its activities and transparent reporting, the introduction of improved monitoring and measurement methods and support for the implementation of reliable rules.

Source: “Kena”

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