Pyongyang criticizes Seoul over 50th anniversary of July 4 inter-Korean joint statement

North Korea on Monday criticized the South Korean government for failing to comply with the agreements contained in the July 4 Inter-Korean Joint Statement marking the 50th anniversary of the declaration.

The North Korean website North Korea Today reported that the Fourth of July was an important day as the two Koreas laid out the three principles of national reunification.

However, even today, he added, the vicious cycle of confrontation and tension is being repeated on the Korean peninsula due to the fact that the South Korean authorities have neglected the three principles of national reunification – independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity; He did not comply with inter-Korean agreements.

He noted that South Korea seeks to strengthen the alliance with the United States, not national independence.

Even if a fair and equitable reunification plan is prepared, the escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula cannot be resolved at any time unless it is implemented, he said, calling for the cult of foreign powers against the South Korean authorities to be eradicated.

For its part, the Mayari website called the July 4 joint statement the cornerstone of national reunification.

Another website, Urimenzokkiri, stated that the announcement was a great, just principle of reunification, in the interests of both Koreas, and praised then-North Korean leader Kim Il Sung.

The July 4 Joint Statement is the first reunification document agreed upon and announced on July 4, 1972 between the two Koreas after the division of the country, which defines independence, peace and great national unity as the three basic principles of reunification.

Source: Yonhap

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