Putin: We are ready to export up to 50 million tons of grain and 2 million tons of ammonia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Russia is ready to export about 50 million tons of grain and two million tons of ammonia to world markets.

Putin said at a meeting of the Russian Security Council today, on Friday: “We consider it right to increase shipments to the poorest countries … In total, by the end of the year we will supply 30 million tons of grain and are ready to increase this volume to 50 million tons or more, because we have good harvest. This year”.

Putin noted that in the period from May to August, Russia exported 6.6 million tons of grain to world markets, of which 6.3 million tons were sent to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

On the export of fertilizers, the President of Russia said: “During the four months of this year, Russia exported 7 million tons of fertilizers, namely potash, nitrogen, complex fertilizers and mixed fertilizers. Of these, about 3 million tons, or almost half of them, went to the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.”

Putin indicated that Russia was “ready to supply ammonia in the amount of about two million tons,” adding that “a large amount of fertilizer can be produced from it, and with the use of these fertilizers, a huge amount of wheat will be supplied there.”

He drew attention to the presence of some technical problems that are currently being solved, including through the UN.

Putin expressed Russia’s readiness to donate potash fertilizers to developing countries that need them most.

He added that due to sanctions, a large amount of Russian fertilizers has accumulated in some ports of European countries.

Putin welcomed the removal by the European Commission of restrictions on the supply of Russian fertilizers, but emphasized the unacceptability of the ban on supplies to Asia, Africa and Latin America, calling this ban unacceptable discrimination against our partners.

He instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work with interested bodies, including the UN, to solve this problem, noting the need to include Belarusian fertilizers in the solution.

Source: “News”

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