Putin to the West: Press the button and the problem is solved

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech on Friday at the end of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit dealt with various political and economic areas, including the energy and gas crisis in Europe.

The President of Russia called on European countries to lift sanctions from the Nord Stream 2 project (a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea).

The Russian President also spoke about the causes of the gas crisis in Europe, pointing out that the crisis arose as a result of procedures and obstacles set by Western countries. He said that Poland had put the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline on blockade, and Ukraine had blocked one of the two gas pipelines, and the turbines in Nord Stream 1 needed maintenance, which was hindered by Western sanctions.

Putin stressed that Russia and Gazprom have fulfilled and will continue to fulfill all their obligations on gas supplies under the concluded contracts.

The Russian President also praised the level of trade with China and said that the trade exchange with Beijing is close to $200 billion.

The following are the most famous economic statements contained in Putin’s speech:

Vladimir Putin: We are close to reaching $200 billion in our trade with China

Vladimir Putin: The energy crisis did not start with the start of special operations, but at least a year before that date.

Vladimir Putin: The energy crisis began with the policy of green energy.

Vladimir Putin: Finding the guilty is a policy of shifting the blame to others in the energy sector.

Vladimir Putin: You have to open Nord Stream 2, just press the button.

– Putin: “Gazprom” has been and will supply gas and comply with contracts.

Putin on the causes of the gas crisis in Europe: Poland has put the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline on blockade, Ukraine has closed one of the two gas pipelines, and Nord Stream 1 needs to be repaired.

Vladimir Putin: Let the West think about its own interests and do what it wants.

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