Putin: The fishing industry should create jobs in Russia, not abroad

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of Russia’s fishing industry and its role in ensuring food security, and stressed that this sector of the economy should create jobs in Russia, not abroad.

The President of Russia, in a video conference speech today, Friday, on the occasion of the hoisting of the Russian flag on new fishing vessels (the landing ceremony of new vessels), said: “The share of processed (fish) products should be increased. , and these products should make up a significant share in exports (from Russia). This means not only generating additional income, but also creating new jobs here in Russia, and not somewhere else (outside of Russia).”

Putin also outlined the main challenges facing the Russian fishing industry and stated that the renewal of the country’s fishing fleet is a strategic priority.

He noted the importance of further stimulating investment in this sector of the Russian economy, building and modernizing processing industries, improving all types of transport, logistics and social infrastructure, improving the quality of life of people in the regions of the Far East, the North and the Arctic. Baltic, Azov and Caspian seas.

Touching upon the role of the industry in ensuring the food security of Russia, the President of Russia noted that the fish complex is one of the most important industries in Russia and contributes to ensuring the food security of the country.

Below are the most famous statements of the Russian President:

One of Russia’s strategic priorities is the renewal of the fishing fleet.

The fishery complex is one of the most important sectors of the Russian economy, and also contributes to ensuring the country’s food security.

– The Russian government will definitely support companies involved in fishing.

– The fishery complex of Russia will develop successfully, despite Western sanctions.

Source: TASS

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